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Relocating Or Moving To Kansas City MO? - Get The Full Kansas City Experience

In this episode we have two very special guests, Rhonda and Bill White, and they are here to talk to us about the Kansas City experience and the role they play when it comes to people relocating or moving to Kansas City.

What The Federal Funds Rate Hikes Means For Realtors And How You Can Prepare.

In this video I will talk to you guys about the FED Rate hikes. We will go over how the FED rate hikes are affecting he real estate market, what it means for you as a real estate investor and how you can prepare for these types of situations.

This Is Why Social Media Is So Important As A Real Estate Agent

In this episode we have Esteban Cordova, a social media marketing expert, and he is here to talk to us about the importance of social media when you are a real estate agent. We go over what the benefits of social media are as a real estate agent and why you should hire a company to run your social media.

Real estate agent does $15 million in a brand new market (first year)

In the middle of the pandemic Jessica decided to move to a brand new market, a market she didn’t know or knew anyone in. She talks to us about what she did when she moved that helped her become and maintain successful in her new journey. From knocking on doors to finding the right events to meet people, she put herself out there and ended up selling $15 million in her first year!

What Happens to Your Stuff Upon Death? Probate vs Non-Probate Assets

Danielle Greenberg will be talking about a topic not many people want to talk about but needs to be talked about, and that is what happens to your stuff when you pass away? This is something many people seem to think about a little too late.= and being prepared for these situations can help the process be a smoother one for anyone involved.

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